The Family

Hosts, Trond Olav and Heidi Beate Beitland reside in the main building on the farm at Beitlandet. We have three grown-up children Emil, Oda Beate and Ragne Amante. All have now moved out and live in nearby Trondheim.

Gunbjørn Beitland, Trond Olav’s uncle, lives in the annex. His support is important, undertaking various farm chores.

The farm is a natural gathering point for family and friends.

Farm yard at Beitlandet


The Farm

Beitlandet farm is surrounded by an abundance of meadows rich in flower species, forests and wilderness. The farm is situated 300 metres above sea level commanding fantastic views. The location and upkeep of the cultural landscape over the centuries has provided the farm with a unique diversity of trees, plants, fungi, berries, birds and animals.



We know for a fact that people have lived in Beitlandet since 1540. There are two farms, “Øvergården” and “Nergården” (The higher and lower farms). Traces of iron mining, peat extraction, old millhouses and a manor-house have been found in the surrounding area. There have been livestock in addition to barley, oats and potatoes cultivated for hundreds of years. Several old trodden paths can be traced to distant Skogn and even towards Markabygda.

There have also been dramatic incidents. You will find old trenches below “Nergården”. Once, in the mid-1500s, the Swedish Jemtland´s-band came to a wedding in Beitlandet. They hanged the groom in the barn and made off with the bride.

When General Armfeldt´s Swedish “Carolines” rampaged the county of Trøndelag in 1718, parts of the army camped at Beitlandet one night, inflicting heavy losses on livestock, storage and housing. During World War II, the Norwegian resistance with Max Manus and Shetlands-Larsen hid their weapons in nearby Raudåvollen.

Today, it is peace and quiet that prevails. Taking care of the land and the old traditions of malting barley and brewing beer are the mainstay. These days, Beitlandet is managed by Heidi and Trond Beitland.

Flower Meadow overlooking the lower part of the farm and the mountains on the horizon