Each one of the four seasons has its own distinctive characteristics which just have to be experienced first-hand with all your senses.

• Listen to the trickle of the stream and the whispering wind
• Observe wild animals and birds at close range
• Treat you taste buds to our pure natural spring water
• Sense the scent of the countless flowers that grow in our blossoming meadows

Our 4 “season packages” at Beitlandet are allocated to the specific seasons according to nature, portraying spring, summer, autumn and winter.

With space being a restriction, we are limited to a maximum of 8 people, so book your seasonal package today and experience wild nature in safe hands with us at Beitlandet.



Spring breathes new life into nature. The days become lighter and the birds begin to sing. Birds and animals in the farmyards and woods sharing new life as the centre-point of their attention.

On the farm, our cows give birth to their calves.

In the woods the birds build their nests, eager to find a mate.

Moose, roe-deer, deer, hares and numerous other species seek peace and quiet during this period to give birth to their offspring and nurture them.



Summers at Beitlandet are beautiful. 

Our beautiful flower adorned fields are spectacular. The cows graze on the open meadows together with their new-born calves. Animals are an integral part of our stunning cultural landscape. The woods are green and full of life, the birds teach their fledglings how to fly, the hares are frolicking in the fields and our amorous pair of cranes parade majestically with their young ones.



Autumn is the time for change.

The woods change colour to shades of red, yellow and ochre. The days are still warm, but the nights are becoming colder.

Autumn is the season for gathering winter food. The woods are bursting with pleasant flavours. Nature is our natural pantry. We pick berries, mushrooms and other culinary treats.

The animals prepare for the long winter.

In Autumn you can experience warm days on the marshlands. We prepare delightful dishes from our pick of various species of wild mushrooms and berries.



We have plotted in our “Winter package” towards the end of winter, when the sun is gradually providing us with more light and warmth.

With snowfalls still covering the rugged landscape like a white blanket, daytime can be spent in many exciting ways.

The choice of activities is dependent on the weather.