FLOWER CATTLE from Beitlandet – Organic meat products

All our meat products are organic (Debio approved) and stem from cows that graze on the flowers, herbs and grass that grow in the meadows surrounding the farm at Beitlandet.

We like to call our cows “FLOWER CATTLE”. They are outdoors all year round grazing from June to October.

The animals are slaughtered and processed for food locally by Eidsmo Dullum AS slaughterhouse.

The cured meat is produced by Halsan kött AS in nearby Levanger.

The cows grazing in our meadows are highly important for the care and welfare of the cultural landscape surrounding the farm. We must therefore share a great deal of the honour with them on winning “the Cultural Landscape Award” in 2018 awarded by the County Governor of Trøndelag.

As a customer you are also involved in supporting the operation of our farm and we warmly welcome all our customers to the farm to experience the flower meadows and see how the animals are doing.

We stock the following organic beef products from bull calves, purebred Norwegian livestock “Sidet Trønderfe” and “Nordlandsfe” (STN):