Experience Winter at Beitlandet.

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Winters can be cold and harsh with heavy snowfalls on our farm, an imposing 300 metres above sea level (slightly below 1000 ft.). We have plotted in our “Winter package” towards the end of winter, when the sun is gradually providing us with more light and warmth. With snowfalls still covering the rugged landscape like a white blanket, daytime can be spent in many exciting ways. The choice of activities is dependent on the weather. Nevertheless, a winter stay with us in Beitlandet will ideally include:

You will, amongst other things experience:

  • Guided tours every day
  • Snow
  • Fun and games in the snow (tobogganing, skiing and snowdhoes)
  • Snow-bathing
  • Forest-bathing
  • Natural tranquility
  • Natarium- observing and photographing wild animals and birds from our hideouts
  • Tracking outings (E.g. animal tracks from moose, deer, roe-deer, hares, foxes, squirrels, martens etc)
  • Campfires
  • Skiing games
  • Cross country skiing
  • Trips on snowshoes
  • Culinary delights

In the winter we wander round in the woods on skis or snowshoes. Experience the thrill of discovering animal tracks in the snow. Moose, deer, roe-deer, foxes or hares. If we are lucky, a lynx or wolverine will stop by. Skiing and tobogganing on our magnificent slopes provide us with the ideal atmosphere.

A campfire warms us providing a calm inner feeling and peace of mind.

Evenings are spent enjoying excellent food and drink, and perhaps afterwards playing board or card games. Providing the conditions are right, we will also be able to experience the wonderfully magical Northern Lights (aurora borealis).

Come and join us for a true winter experience at Beitlandet.

If you have special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can tailor the trip to your personal wishes as far as possible.

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Accommodation 5 nights, All meals, Guide every day, Pick-up and transport from and to Trondheim Airport Værnes

Bring along

Clothing for outdoor activities, Warm clothes, Warm shoes