Experience Summer at Beitlandet

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Summers at Beitlandet are beautiful.

Our beautiful flower adorned fields are spectacular. The cows graze on the open meadows together with their new-born calves. Animals are an integral part of our stunning cultural landscape. The woods are green and full of life, the birds teach their fledglings how to fly, the hares are frolicking in the fields and our amorous pair of cranes parade majestically with their young ones.

The warmest period from mid-July to mid-August, is the time for traditional haymaking and we harvest the crops that will be fodder for our livestock.

Participate on a walk and experience our humming rivers, explore the woods and discover exciting animal tracks, or just sit down in the blossoming meadows and listen to buzz of bumblebees and the flutter of butterflies.

Come and join us for a Summer excursion at Beitlandet.

Among many other things you will experience:

  • Guided tours every day
  • Flower meadows
  • Insects – bumblebees, butterflies
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Natarium – observe wild animals and birds from our hideouts
  • Forest bathing (Click here to read about Forest bathing) Forest bathing – shinrin-yoku)
  • Tranquility
  • Seasonal culinary delights utilising local produce
  • Bathing in rivers and ponds
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Accommodation 5 nights, All meals, Guide every day, Pick-up and transport from and to Trondheim Airport Værnes